Monday, October 17, 2011

thoughts for the evening

finally having a dishwasher is everything I dreamed it would be and more!

it is soooo weird to hear Lily READ!

my due date is 2.5 weeks away!!!! eeeeeek!

if you can guess who this cutest child is, I will send you a surprise in the mail.
people who are NOT allowed to guess: a) the person in this picture. and b) my sister, Geri.


  1. I'm gonna go with your sister. Not Geri. Don't know the other's names! haha or...your brother??? ;)It's crazy that I bought milk yesterday with a expiration date of November 3rd! No longer MY due date, but hey, it was, and I know two other people due that day!!! I now have NO MORE than three weeks- that is if I make it to November 10th! Crazy! SOOOO glad you have a dishwasher again!

  2. That's not one of my kids....I don't think. If it is, than it's most definitely Geri. It's driving me crazy. Who is it?

  3. I am going to say that that is my cousin Miriam....

  4. Me I know, tiny Rachel Elizabeth Howe