Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lily got her ears pierced

On January 7 the girls and I ventured to Idaho falls.

It was all Kaylee's idea. 

A few days prior she had told me that she reeeeeeaaaallly wanted to get her ears pierced. Lily followed suit and told me that she, too, would like to pierce her ears. I told the girls that we had to talk to Daddy first and see what he thought about it. When he came home from school we talked to him and he was agreeable, so we made plans to go to Idaho Falls on Saturday and get it done!

When we got to Claire's, Kaylee hopped up into the chair first. Then she climbed down and said she wanted Lily to go first. Lily climbed up and waited nervously but excitedly. They gave her a little teddy bear to hold and then the ladies made their marks, checked and rechecked them to make sure they looked perfect, brought their guns up to her ears, and fired away.

Poor Lily cried and cried.

Kaylee chickened out and announced that she would not be getting her ears pierced that day or any other.

"I will never get my ears pierced! Never, never, never!"

I think that Lily's tears were a result of shock and hurt feelings. I told her that it would feel like a pinch and that it might hurt a little. Perhaps she felt betrayed. Perhaps it hurt more than she actually expected it to.

She got over it in no time. She was happier than happy to have cute little studs in her ears. She loves to show them off. They just look so darn cute in her little ears.

...and maybe a little too grown up.

What happened to my baby?


  1. ouch, I still don't have pierced ears just for that!

  2. How exciting! She does look more grown up.

  3. Ahh! Her dimples! SOOO cute! Your girls are all SOOO cute Katie!! And Kaylee wil most likely change her mind in time with her sisters new beauties to show off, but if not-tell her I still have never taken the plunge either!