Friday, January 20, 2012


just some things I've heard around my house in recent days...

  • {"We don't get tattoos because tattoos will KILL you!" -Lily}

  • {"Hey! There's no reading at the North Pole!" -Kaylee}

  • {abruptly, after 15 minutes of straight giggling: "okay... all that playing made me have to go poop." -Lily}

Conversation with Riley:

"Mom, look!"


"No. It's not awesome." (she shows me an empty movie case- Bedknobs and Broomsticks; uh-oh. not awesome. this is serious...)

"Oh, you're right. That's not awesome. Where did the movie go?"

"I don't know..."

then somberly:  "Do you think Zach did it?"

Zach is living with us this semester and he sleeps in the room where we keep the movies. She has a valid concern.

  • {to Kaylee: "Did you just call me a codfish??" -a Very Offended Lily.}

Conversation with Kaylee

the matchbox got left in reach of the children (don't worry, Mom, it's hidden now!) and Kaylee lit a match. I said to her:

"Ooooh, Kaylee. Please don't do that again."
"Okay, but can I do it when I'm six?"





"eighteen for sure"

eighteen sounds like the perfect age to finally be allowed light a match.

a conversation between Lily and Kaylee:

after kaylee destroyed lily's castle:

Kaylee: "Lily, I made you a new sandcastle. Come see!"

Lily lovingly put her arm around Kaylee and Kaylee wrapped her arm around Lily. They walked with their arms around each other to the living room.

Lily: "(gasp) oh, it's beautiful!"

Kaylee: "and I'm verrrry sorry for knocking yours over."

Lily: "It's okay. I like knocking sandcastles over too."

I wasn't present for the original argument but Lily and my friend Mandy filled me in on the details. It went like this:

Lily: "Kaylee! Why did you do that? I'm so mad at you!"

Kaylee: "Well, I'm so mad at you! See ya later!"

Lily: "Alligator!"

If the is the worst my children fight I will be forever happy.

oh. and we can't forget this gem.

Riley is potty training (finally!). She still hasn't got the hang of the undies thing.


  1. I was seriously laughing out loud as I was reading these conversations!!! and the picture of Riley...HAHA she is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. too cute, conversations and!

  3. These are my absolute favorite posts. I LOVE the things your girls say. I wish I was there to hear them myself. I miss my little niecey-pooh's!