Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 months

I love going through old journal entires...

In February of last year the girls and I took a trip to California. 
A few days after we got home I wrote in my journal.

"The night I got back from CA the suspicion that I might be expecting another baby was confirmed.

That's right!

Baby #4  is coming to the Floyd family in November!

At first I was nervous and afraid. But I am faithful and I know the Lord will provide. He will provide us with the means and he will provide me with energy and sanity:) 

I am very excited to be a mommy again."

After I read this in my journal I walked over to her swing where she is still sleeping. I looked at her precious little face and I thought:
Here she is in real life! A year ago she was a tiny little gummy bear in my belly! Now she's a four month old baby!

I spoke to her, "There you are, Mallory!  My sweet baby girl who I can hold and kiss and squeeze whenever I want!"

She smiled at me as she slept.
She is wonderful.
She is perfect.
Life is truly a miracle.

Here she is on her 4 month birthday.


  1. Oh my heck, your kids are the cutest! She's losing her "Asian" look, and she looks like your other girls, but still has a look all her own! Adorable.

  2. I nearly cried! This is so beautiful, and she is too! I definitely agree with what Natalie said too^^^!

  3. Lovely! I wish I could see a year ahead, cause right now I have a bad attitude.

  4. Every time I look at these pictures I have an incredible urge to fly to Idaho just so I can squeeze squeeze SQUEEZE that adorable little baby!!!! She is so perfectly adorable!!! Only two more weeks!

  5. 'oh my word' - soooooo adorable and such fabulous pictures captured perfectly.

    Nina x