Thursday, March 29, 2012

little girl fashion blogging.

Call it ugly. 
but I LOVE this hand-me-down jacket that came from a family in our ward.
It's a size two but it makes a perfect little blazer for Lily.

A lot of times I let Lily pick her own clothes for school; the ending results are usually quite...

Michael scolded me on day and told me I need to teach them how to pick their own clothes out and be cute at the same time.

Who would have guessed that he is the one in our relationship that cares about what the girls are wearing?

Anyway, I was so proud of myself for putting this cute outfit together.
Okay, so it's not much, but you guys! I don't "put outfits together"!

I thought maybe I'd be motivated to dress Lily super cute every day if I took pictures and blogged about it.
These pictures are from three weeks ago. 

BUT! I got the trademark looking-at-feet and jumping-in-air fashion blogger photos.
oh yeah.

oh, and OF COURSE the hand-on-hip!

And here is what Mallory wore:

and I never bother dressing this little girl because she changes her outfit 36 times a day.


  1. i'm so proud! i would have added a unit into our primary class on fashion blogging if i'd known lily was interested ;) haha! SO cute. i love little kid clothes...everything just looks cuter in miniature!

  2. I love the idea to use the jacket as a blazer! Its adorable, and my favorite pic is the one of her standing looking at her feet. too cute.

  3. Oh my heck Katie. You're girls are too cute. No matter what they are dressed in. I also LOVE that jacket as a blazer. Stinking cute idea! good job:)