Wednesday, September 25, 2013


**This should have posted last week because I was writing about Tuesday, the 17th. I'm a lame journaler/blogger. I took a really long time to get the one picture I took that day onto my computer so I could put it on my blog**

Tuesday was awesome. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It could have been what some would consider to be a frustrating day; even I might have considered it to be frustrating if I hadn't been blessed with a body and mind that felt rested. Feeling well makes all the difference!

Our day started at 12:30am when poor Lily came to my room with pain from a possible bladder infection. I took her back to the toilet and tried to help her and comfort her as she attempted to go potty again. I watched big, sad tears roll down her face and my heart ached for her; I know that pain and I wanted  it taken from her immediately. Since it was the middle of the night a trip to the emergency room was in order. 

As long as she wasn't trying to go potty she was happy and feeling well. She chatted merrily on the way to the ER. We got checked in and she was weighed and had her blood pressure checked and all those fun things. They had her urinate in a little toilet hat. Miraculously the nurses were able to successfully retrieve a diagnosis from the 4 drops of pee she managed to get in that special white hat. Urinary Tract Infection, indeed. 

The room we waited in was painted very adorably with trees, flowers, owls, skinny birds, fat birds, frogs, the sun and moon, and beautiful, purple fluffy clouds. We spent our time playing Eye Spy (or is it I Spy?) and when Lily was done with that she read from Junie B. Toothless Wonder while I worked on a knitted hat for Baby Boy. The doctor visited with us. The nurse brought us some medicine; an antibiotic and a special numbing medicine to take away the bladder pain AND turn your pee bright orange! How exciting. We were sent home and made it back into our cozy beds shortly after 3am.

I woke Lily up at the normal time in the morning to see if she was feeling up to school. She did not feel like getting up and I was glad. I also gave Kaylee the option, though I was certain of what the answer might be (no). I wasn't ready to be awake and I was grateful for the chance to sleep in. Sadly, the girls missed hero/princess day at school:(

We all woke up a little after 8am. Lily peed (pain free!) and was delighted by the beautiful swirling orange colors in the toilet. She ran around the house fetching her sisters to come behold the fascinating display. I went to my room to make a few phone calls to doctors' offices and whatnot. Riley came in and asked if we could have breakfast. Just then a cooking breakfasty aroma made it's way to my nostrils.

"It smells like someone's already cooking breakfast!" I said, thinking that one of the girls had decided to make toast. However, the aroma quickly turned to a stench. Coughing, hardly being able to inhale a sufficient breath, I made my way to the kitchen. The girls, with Kaylee ever at the center of these kinds of plans, had decided to microwave a cup full of chocolate graham crackers. How long, I've not a clue. The microwave was stopped at 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I opened the front and back doors and put a fan at the front door to get some air flowing through the house. I don't know if our microwave will ever be the same. The cup certainly never will be.

The girls spent the day playing, coloring, and painting and sometime in the afternoon Kaylee came to me crying and afraid because she'd stuck a bead in her ear and was unable to get it out. I looked in her ear with a flashlight and saw nothing. I filled her ear with water to see if I could get it to float up and there was nothing. I looked with the light again. Nothing. I wondered if maybe it had come out during her attempts to shake it free and asked her if it felt like there was anything in her ear. She said it felt empty and I was sure that there wasn't a problem but I'm a mom and I couldn't continue my life knowing that there could possibly be a bead stuck deep down in my child's ear canal. I had to be certain. My cousin Kellie, saved the day by coming to watch the other girls. Kaylee freaked and shrieked about having to go to the doctor. I assured her that she would not be subjected to any pain and that all they were going to do was shine a light in her ear. She calmed down when I told her we'd get an ice cream afterwards, a treat that was much more for me than for her:)

Sure enough, her ear canal was empty upon the doctor's inspection and I was grateful. We headed to our favorite treat place in Rexburg, The Cocoa Bean, and had a quick and fun little mommy daughter date. 

We went home and said thank you and goodbye to Kellie and her husband Johnny (who had come shortly after Kaylee and I had left) and then our daddy came home from work. Best part of everyone's day, every day! We are SO glad when Daddy comes home.

The rest of our evening was peaceful and uneventful. I am grateful for days like today. It was a day of helping, loving and serving my children. I love being a mom. These girls keep me running and they keep me EVER entertained. Some days are much, much, MUCH more difficult than others and I find myself wondering how I'll possibly make it to bedtime. Those days have to come, otherwise how would I know to be grateful for the good ones?

Today was good. It was oh, so good.

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