Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Three

 Mallory dozing in what is now the girls' room. This picture is from the early stages of remodeling the house we live in.

 This cutest couple at Walgreen's. Maybe I broke a law by photographing them...
He kept saying to his wife, "Are you feeling alright? Is there anything I can do for you?"
Over and over.
"Yes, dear. I'm fine." She would say each time.
It was so precious.
Look at their matching sweaters and the way she's holding his arm.

The girls surprised me with these cutest creations on my birthday.

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  1. Mallory looks cute haha. Looks like she got a head start to sleep in the new room!!! haha =) The couple is adorable. It's cute to see that they still wanna help each other even though they aren't what they use to be. And the papers from lily that's awesome =) I traced skylers hand for mothers day I think last year and my mom n charlies mom still have them =) lil memories we will always have as mothers =) ~ Tasha =D