Monday, December 2, 2013

a month

A month?! Is it possible?? Today is December 2 which means that this little son of ours is one month old. I decided to celebrate by posting every single picture of Matthew that Michael and I have taken on our phones in the last month. 

Just kidding.

Really I'm not. There are approximately 1,398 photos in this post. 
Some of these pictures are from Grandma Jan's phone. We're so happy she was able to come stay with us. And I'm really sad we don't have a single photo to prove it:(

Michael took this when I was about 38 weeks. I love the last few months of pregnancy; I always feel really good and I wish I could skip right to it. The first few months are really hard for me. Not only am I sick but I am Mrs. Grouchy Mean Mom and Wife. I am much more pleasant starting at about 5 or 6 months:)

 first photo!

these next 3 were taken right after he was born.

first bath:

 first family photo. I was reading a card that the girls made.

 This picture makes my eyes all teary. So much joy!

 The girls are obsessed with him!

 Thanks for the cute sister shirts Grandma Jan!

 I love his teeny mouth!

 Ready to go home

That's a brand new bellybutton! This was taken right after his cord fell off.

I love his mohawk. 

First road trip. On our way to California. 

 This is what Matthew thought about church in Lone Pine Branch.

 A cute shirt from Cousin Rachel.

 A Yoda hat that I made.

He loves his swaddler. 

 First hike in Independence, CA.

The rest of these were taken today.

Happy birthday, Matthew! I hope you've enjoyed your first month of life. We sure like having you around!


  1. Oh my! He is just so perfect! I love him so much! Happy birthday, Matthew!

  2. I am so behind! I love that you posted so many pictures. You are all gorgeous!