Friday, December 27, 2013

I made...

...this very cute bandana cowl from Purl Bee.

It was a gift for my lovely sister-in-law.
I realize I should have changed my shirt before I took had the photo taken. Rachel will do a much better job making sure it matches her outfit. That girl has great style, she does.

The yarn I used is Billow from KnitPicks. It is lovely and the colors it comes in are absolutely beautiful. I purchased it online and did not realize that the yarn strand goes from very thick to very, very thin (I think maybe there is a term for that but I don't know what it is). Anyway, I think that it works well for some projects but I wouldn't use again for this particular project; I felt like it made the cowl look sloppy in some areas. I wanted my stitches to be uniform. That's okay; maybe the cowl has just a little more character with its uneven stitching.

I loved the pattern I used! I got to learn how to do Short Rows. I get really excited when a pattern uses a technique I am unfamiliar with. It's fun to learn new things. The pattern was fun and easy to follow. I love the way it turned out despite the uneven stitches. 

Dear Sister Rachel, 
Please send me a picture of the cowl paired with an adorable outfit and your adorable self. I loved making this cowl for you. and I love you.
Love, Katie

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