Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a graduation

Zach and Rachel graduated last semester! I am  so happy for them! Look at those cute kids with their fancy bachelor's degrees! 

 Here we are at the graduation in the Hart Auditorium. Please make sure to notice my dad's Christmas tie. So festive. I think he has a tie to match every holiday. Except Valentine's Day. and Halloween. and Thanksgiving. Okay, so maybe he just has Christmas ties and patriotic ties which he wears around 4th of July and Memorial Day and other patriotic holidays and just whenever he's feeling patriotic, which could be all the time because he loves the USA. Maybe I should turn this into a My Dad's Ties post. Or a My Dad Loves America (and Christmas) post.

Back to Zach and Rachel!

I love my brother Zach. We have always had a wonderful and special relationship. He married the PERFECT girl for him and I honestly and sincerely love her. Rachel fits right into our family and she is truly my sister! It has been so fun having these two around. My girls are so lucky that they're able to have close relationships with their aunts and uncles. They have really become close to Zach and Rachel and our family is going to miss them SO MUCH! 
Now they are in Arizona and I am so happy and excited for the adventures they have ahead of them. We love you , Zach and Rachel! We can's wait to be with you again!!!

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