Friday, January 10, 2014

Some more December photos...

 Kaylee took this photo. She said, "Now both of you kiss the baby."

 The E.L. Fudge massacre. She only eats the insides.

 That face!

 A pretty, miniature watermelon

 These were taken the night of their Christmas choir program. It was so cute and fun. The girl between Lily and Kaylee is one of Lily's many bff's. Her name is Elizabeth. We think she's really cute:)

 My dad and Emma took my camera to go in search of a couple of Bald Eagles that he'd seen a little earlier. When they got back to the tree there was only one. I need a fancier lens; I had to majorly crop this to get this photo. It looks like a tiny finch or something sitting up there. I don't know, I'm no bird expert. Ask my Uncle Dan.

Lily asked me to take these next ones so she could pin them to Pinterest. Silly girl.

A sleepy morning bath before school. 


 The men in my life.

 So Mallory and Matthew both sleep in our bed (we're hardcore co-sleepers in this house, Michael isn't wild about it -poor guy likes to sleep or something! I absolutely love it) and this is her all night long. He's this precious little magnet that her sleeping self just can't resist.

 Matthew modeling a dino hat that I made for him

Matthew modeling a Gnome Hat that I made for Mallory 

 A Napping Grandpa and Matthew

 Mallory modeling a hat that I made for Henry

Matthew in his coziest and cutest outfit from Grandma Jan.

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