Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring is here to stay...?

Spring is finally here! It has been teasing us for the last couple of months but it's finally here to stay. I can feel it! (edit: since posting this the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Wishful thinking.)

I have a hard time leaving my house when I start to feel overwhelmed with it. I want to do nothing but clean and tidy but I know I need to get my kids and myself out, especially when I'm feeling like there's too much to do! So we located shoes that were scattered all over the house, made sure everyone was wearing pants, and off we went to the park!

His sisters told him to pose like this. Oh my, this boy needs a brother!

Ella took a comfy nap while the other kids played.

The lilac trees are blooming all over town and they smell divine! My parents have a huge, beautiful one growing in their yard. It's such a magical little tree; I lovvve when it blooms. I can often be seen burying my face in it at this time of year.

Michael came home from work and joined us at the park.

Life is so much more fun when daddy's around!

Spending a few hours outside with my kids was just what we all needed. In the spring, the air is fresh and new and we breathe deeply and happily. We are a bit more cheerful and carefree.

I live for these little outings with my kids. When we are out together it's easy to let go of my worries and responsibilities and just be their mom. 


  1. and have fun, spontaneous fun is so health giving and stress reducing!