Monday, December 22, 2008


These are from Thanksgiving. I had to wait for my mom's camera to post them. I hate that she has the date on the bottom of the pictures! And Lily's hair is crazy but she's still cute, right? :)


  1. hi, you have lots of floyd girls but my husband and his exwife hold the record for 4 floyd daughters...funny I always wanted 5 daughters but ended up with 4 sons... enjoy the girls=dressing them up and fixing their hair. i did scouts and was a cub leader forever...

  2. That picture of Kaylee and Michael is so cute. Hope that your Christmas is fantastic! I finished the girls' Christmas present so we have to get together so they can see it. Love you!

  3. oh, tell Geri to check ou my blog. I have a picture of my cousin Blaine up... so she can meet him up in idaho. :)