Friday, January 2, 2009


Our tree is decorated on the top half only. I'm sure you can imagine why! We actually decorated the whole thing but as I found ornaments laying around the house I would pick them up and hang them higher. Pretty soon this is what the tree looked like:)

I tried to decorate all the stocking but it was a crafting disaster! So only mine, Kaylee's, and Lily's had letters.

We had Christmas on Christmas Eve this year. The girls had lots of prestents to open thanks to the generosity of their Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles! Thank you all so much! It was so fun to see how excited they were to open and play with each present!

Lily took this pic on her picture taking spree. It was the only one that was anywhere near decent!

Helping Aunt Susan frost sugar cookies. Yum!

Alise picks on Grandpa and expects him not to fight back! Here she is being tackled.

On our "hike". It was more like a walk around the Nike Base in Sylmar.

Pictures of a VERY small amount of the fire damage.

She asked me to take this picture.

Kaylee and Mommy

The last three are at the Temple. We all went to walk around and look at the lights. We sang Christmas songs and ate gross donuts. It was fun! Here are the girls looking at the Manger Scene. We let them go under the ropes so they could see Baby Jesus.

Eight months, baby! I can not WAIT for this little girl!

We went on a date last night for the first time in forEVER! We ate Japanese (my favorite!) at a really good restaurant in Bishop. Yum! It was so good. Then we watched Yes Man. It was funny. But you probably shouldn't go see it... :)

I topsy tailed her hair today because I found a little topsy tailer in my mom's bathroom. It's the first time I've ever done anything more than a pony on top of her head. It's hard to work with almost no hair!

These two are from a few weeks ago. She was flossing her teeth:)

So we have had a great week! My Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan and Alise, Kellie and Tyler came down from Sacramento on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas with us at my Grandpa's. My family came down the day after Christmas and so did my cousins Shaun and Melysa. It was a full house! SO fun! On Monday we all drove up to Independence to celebrate New Year's. Everyone has had lots of fun shooting guns and quading(4-wheeling, whatever) and dirt biking and just being with family! It's the best ever. I love our family! I wish I had more pictures of everyone but I just haven't been that enthusiastic about taking pictures lately. Anyway, there are always plenty of the girls because they are so easy to take pictures of!

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  1. I love the Christmas tree! how funny :) And i can't believe you're 8 months pregnant! You look great :)