Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Stuff

A little matching set for the new baby girl... I also want to make some burp cloths and little padded covers for her car seat straps. Only 14 days left! Oh and please don't look too closely at the stitching on the onesie, its awful... it was my first one. But its cute from a distance:) Oh, and that is a wipe case, by the way. In case you couldn't tell:)

Geri with the girls in the morning.

In Geri's "bed":)

So, these pictures aren't the greatest. I have had a lot of requests to update my blog and this is the best I can do until I get Geri's camera which has more pictures (cuter too)!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the cute things you made! When I have my baby girl I will pay you to make her some! You are so talented!!! :) Lily and Kaylee are gitting so big! They're so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Cute! And a wipes cover? How fun! you are so creative its awesome! I miss you guys. What cute little girls. Hang in there these next 14 days! Love ya!

  3. sheesh Katy, about time you posted! LOL I always check your blog to see new pics of the girls!! They are SO adorable (and Geri too of course;) and talk about molly mormon mom making all those hand made things! you put me to shame i'm afraid! haha no they're super cute!

  4. Oh man those little shoes are so cute. I need to learn how to make them or get a pair from you or something. You are so talented