Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay so Lily is very good about being obedient. ESPECIALLY if I have to start counting to three. There is no hesitation (usually) and it pleases me very much:)
However, sometimes she thinks she can use the Counting Strategy on me! For instance, earlier this afternoon she told me that she wanted some ice cream. I asked her to wait a few minutes while I finished washing the dishes in the sink. She told me again that she would like some ice cream and when I aked her to wait a minute she very calmly said, "mom, I am counting to three and then you are going to be in trouble." WHAT?! Of course all I could do was laugh. She counted, but she still had to wait for me to finish the dishes. And I didn't get in trouble:)
A little while later I her her tattling on Kaylee for something. She was talking to Michael and said, "Can you spank her now, dad?" hahaha. Oh Lily, that's just not how it works! I should tell you that we do NOT spank our children very often. They have to really act up to get one of those. Usually we do time outs, or our newest thing for Lily is standing in the corner. But like I said, when I start to count she shapes up in a hurry, so we don't give very many time outs either:)
Oh and ONE more thing. We played at the park a few days ago and Lily played with a little girl. Unbeknownst to us, her name was also Lily! Her daddy came to get her and said "come on Lily, it's time to go" My Lily looked at him and said very frankly, "I'm not going with you. I'm going home!" It was really funny but at the same time its a serious thing and I am so glad that she knows not to go anywhere with a person who she doesn't know!Anyway, those are my Lily stories for the day. I am going to put some photos up soon... Hopefully!


  1. Your stories posted twice. (dont know why). but it is okay because they were too cute! :D Lily is so fun! How quickly they learn. I cant believe how grown up she is that little lady of yours. Love you guys! XOXO

  2. That's too funny. Well, the technique should work in reverse but it doesn't, at least she'll be prepared to be a mommy. lol

  3. haha that is sooo cute katie! She sounds like such a little spunky girl:) I can't wait for the talking stage. And the last post about the beads in your eye is hilarious! haha none of us look the greatest in the morning..