Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures of May

Here are (quite) a few pictures of this month. I never blogged about Mother's Day. I had a lovely day beginning with breakfast in bed! Yumm. I love being a mother. Its the best thing to ever be. I look at my girls and just feel so much love and joy in my heart! Its amazing how such tiny little people can make you so happy!

Pretty pretty princess. Notice the egg beater? She wanted me to make something for her to "lick" off.

Anyone who know me knows that I loooove sleeping photos!

They were being really mean to eachother, so I made them hold hands and sing "I Love You" (aka the Barney song!) The first time they laughed the whole time and I thought it would make a cute pic. But the second time they both bawled. It was kind of funny:)

Geri had the fabulous idea of making these little egg carton masks for the girls. It was so funny!

These are all pictures of our trip to the park the other day. The weather is getting sooo nice. I love Rexburg in the summertime. AND the SPLASH PARK opens on Monday! You have no idea how excited I am!

The girls in their Easter dresses. Grandma Howe bought these and one of the little dress stands at the mall. Soooo cute!

These girls loooove their daddy!

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  1. what sweet photo....can't believe little girls are mean to each other...but then I was an only child! LOL! but I did raise 4 boys. Motherhood is a wonderful frustrating at times challenge. You look so happy as a family.