Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of JULY

We had such a great 4th! My mom has been here with us and it has been so wonderful to have her around! I just love my mom more than anything and I'm so grateful for her. I don't have much time today so here are some pix and, as always, they are out of order;)
Oh, I did Lily's hair and made it a star. I practiced a couple of times before the 4th. I'm soooo glad she sits still while I do her hair. Its so fun:) I just LOVE these girls!

Grandma and Kaylee right after Kaylee got burned by a sparkler:( It was so sad. Everytime she saw one she'd say, "burn me!". Poor baby. She is so tough though!

Cousin Alise with Lily and Riley

Lily's cute hair:)

Cute Baby Riley

Me and Riley, not the best pic but oh well:)

Lily and Grandma:)

Kaylee, I love this girl!


  1. your girls are so photogenic...I always wanted girls to curl their hair-love the star braids-very clever. I got all boys but learned to cut their hair until they were teens. lol!

  2. Wow! Lily is so big!!!! What a beautiful family you have!!! It's so neat how your second daughter looks just like your husbands side of the family. I love how each baby a person has is such a suprise mixture!

  3. You are so creative! I can barely get my girls to let me put pony tails in their hair! Your girls are adorable!