Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I got back in to town last night (all the way from TEXAS!) and where was the first place we stopped before even going home? The Emergency Room. Yes, well it turns out that everything IS bigger in Texas! Including the bugs. And the bug bites. Kaylee has bites on her arms that are doing nothing but getting redder and bigger! Scary! They swabbed it to culture it and boy did she scream. I am sure she thought they were giving her shots. It was nothing scary at all but I had to wrestle her just to hold her down! Anyway, we got some nice topical cream to put on them and some super cute bandaids and we are on our way to recovery. Hopefully! Still gotta find out about that culture!!

update: the culture proved that she had a Staph infection. So frightening but I'm glad its all taken care of.


  1. "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

    Welcome to the blogging world. I am pretty new too. Don't worry, it will come to you. Sometime I can't think of anything to say or have time and other times I have too many ideas to post about!

    Come by and visit when you get time but don't dwell on my last post too much, pretty depressing but there is more to me!!

    I hope your daugther is ok, the Texas bug bites do sound scary!

    Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing what you do with this great new blog of yours. ✽

  2. I remember you! I remember those giant flower baby headband thingies!

    I'm amazed you had time to do anything with two toddlers and an infant around - I'd say this is rather an accomplishment when you're in that situation.

    Keep it up, SITSta! See you around the web.

  3. Dont worry girl, Ive been out of the blog life lately too! I have been really bad! Sometimes our REAL life just takes over! =)