Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 cup flour + 1 cup water

and some food coloring = FUN!!

 I didn't realize until we were almost done that Kaylee was stark raving naked. It was just as well; as soon as we were finished I put them all straight into the tub!

 Our "rinse" bowls got murky pretty quick. I think the girls thought it was just part of the paint.

Riley did not touch one drop of paint to her paper. It went straight to her mouth. Who knew flour and water was so tasty???

 Kaylee played in the water bowl pretty much the whole time. Her hands wrinkled right up!

We painted on the shiny side of freezer paper. I think that the dull side may have been better...


  1. These pictures are really cool. Also, what a good mom! I think I would have a stroke before I could deal with a mess like that.

  2. you win the award for the biggest mess around...

  3. When Tyler and Kellie were younger they used to go to the neighbors house to play with cornstarch and water. The mixture is really fun to play with and it's not as messy as the colored flour. But I love the pictures and the color. I think the cornstarch would clean up easier so you might try it to see if they like it.