Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cutest Little Haircut Girls

Today I took the girls to the cosmetology college to have Heather give them haircuts. They did such a great job being good and sitting still and Heather did SUCH a great job cutting their hair! We just trimmed Lily's, I couldn't bear to cut it short because she is so good about letting me fix it whenever I want, however I want. Kaylee, on the other hand, will not let me do her hair. She only ever wants a headband and sometimes a ponytail ("Just one. Not two"). Heather and I thought an a-line would be adorable on her and we were right;)

 Lily had her eyes half shut in the pic I took right before this. Every time I tell her to keep her eyes open for a picture, this is the face I get. Geri says she looks like Luke Skywalker.

 Kaylee's before pics

Kaylee's goodbye hair

After shots!

 This cutest little baby didn't get a haircut, but how could I possibly leave her out of a post!?? Plus, I could never cut those precious curls.

ps. YES, it is freezing cold outside here and YES, I dress my children every single day, but somehow I cannot keep clothing on their bodies. Don't worry, our house is warm and cozy;)


  1. most definitely love kaylees hair! so cute!

  2. thanks for coming in...your girls were so well behaved. Kay looks sassy and Lily's bangs are growing :) And I love how I am rocking this adorable headband from my best friend :)