Friday, February 4, 2011

I have an artist on my hands

So, a few nights ago Michael and I were watching a movie; Kaylee and Riley had already gone to bed and Lily was drawing at the table. After a while, Lily climbed into Michael's lap and went to sleep. When the movie was over we went into the kitchen and found this nice little stack of stuffed envelopes on the table.

Lily went to a "tea" party a few days ago and ever since has been absolutely obsessed with her new friend, Ella, AND with having a tea party of her own. Every single one of these envelopes is for Ella. Now, because I failed to hide the envelopes after this little episode, we have 20+ "letters" for Ella. I don't want to bombard Ella and her family with tons and tons of envelopes and I hate to be wasteful. So basically, if I have your address memorized, you (and everyone in your family) have one on the way to your house. If you would like an original piece of artwork by Lily just let me know because we have lots of extra drawings;)

Oh! and I only opened some of the envelopes to see what she had drawn. So really I don't know what most of the pictures are. I can guarantee that the vast majority of them are drawings of teapots and teacups and little girls sitting at tables. 


  1. SO cute! Lucky girl - I guess you know what to do for her next birthday huh?! Stationary pack and tea party!

  2. Ha, that's awesome. You're right, we don't need the excess envelopes, but it was fun to see the pictures...Ella does the same thing with stacks of paper!