Thursday, February 9, 2012


{I made some orange juice from concentrate and Kaylee wanted to taste it before I finished putting the water in.
"It tastes like table... like sour drink table."}

{Lily showed me how hard she she can bite her finger and it doesn't even hurt!
"Mommy, see that bark mite?? ...I mean... bite... mark?}

{Lily: "Mom, where are we going today?"
Me:  "Nowhere. but guess what? Ella's coming over!"
Lily: "Who's Hella?"
Me: "It's ELla."
Kaylee: "ELLA!? The one who tea partied us!!"}

{While reading the Book of Mormon:

Michael: "Tell me what you know about Satan"
Lily: "Um, he's mean... and he drinks alcohol."}

{Lily sat on the potty and Riley sat on a stool in front of her as they had a sisterly conversation:

Lily: "Doesn't it bug you when you have to go potty right before you eat breakfast??"
Riley: "No. 'Cause I went potty on Sunday and Tuesday and Nine and Seven and Ten."
Lily: "and eleven?!!?"}

{Lily: "I'm sooo cold! I'm one hundred feet cold!"
Kaylee: "Well I'm sixty feet cold!"
Lily: "That's a little number! One hundred is bigger than sixty."
Kaylee: "I'm sixty seven ninety-nine one hundred twenty ninety seventy cold!"
Lily: "Well I'm one hundred seventy six eight hundred thirty twenty seven ninety eight hundred sixty nine cold!"
Kaylee: "Wow. You're that cold? I'm that cold too."}

{After several tears and lots of pouting.
Michael: sternly "Lily, come here and sit on my lap so I can talk to you."
Chloe: "oooh, this is gonna be a good fight."

Chloe is our neighbor friend. She's five just like Lily. AND they have the same birthday.}

{Lily was late to tumbling and I sat down to put the socks on her feet that she had been insisting on wearing (so her feet didn't get stinky!). Michael had just finished telling her that she didn't need socks.

Michael: "You guys need to listen."
Lily: "You're not the boss, Dad. Mommy is."}

{Kaylee walked up to the chalkboard and started to read the email address that Zach had written a few minutes earlier.

kaylee: "Peeeeeee..."
lily: "NIS! Penis!!"
kaylee: "penis? why did you write penis?"

Zach's email is c h e o w e [a t] g m a i l. and Lily knows how to read. I'm a little concerned...}

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  1. OH MY HECK!!!!!!!!! Your girls are so funny! i love them so much!!!