Thursday, May 17, 2012

a say something hat day

Michael and I took a trip to DI (a thrift store) yesterday to look for jeans. Michael gave Lily $1 to spend and she chose this charming hat. When we picked her sisters up from preschool they were thrilled that Lily had made such a fine purchase. They will all benefit from having such a classy headpiece to share. Lily loves her new hat so much that she wore it to school today. I'm sure she was the envy of her peers and teachers alike. What style this child is possesses! 


  1. I love it! and I love that you titled this "say something hat day". Did you know that was Sarahs senior quote in her high school year book? I love that movie! Haha and that Lily is so adorable!

    1. hahah, rach! Sarah is just the coolest ever. My senior quote was something totally lame. I'm going to read your Thumbelina Lovely post now:):)