Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Emma Kay, I never thought you would grow up! I just expected you to be the baby forever! Now I look at Lily and see so many similarities between her and my cutest little sister! I even call her EMMA from time to time. and it always makes me happy:) 
When Emma was a baby I pretty much thought she was my child. After all, I begged my mom to have another baby before she had Emma. I even made a huge list off all the things I would do to help her to take care of the new baby. And when she came I did all those things. Oh, how I adored that tiny girl! and OH! How I still adore her. (also, she still pretty tiny, so she's easy to love)
Emma is the besty best auntie ever in the world. The girls love her so much and they talk about her pretty much every day. She is so good and loving and patient with them. And she's just so dang adorable. No wonder they love her so much.

I asked the girls their favorite thing to do with Emma is:
Lily: Play on the trampoline! 
Kaylee: Play games on the trampoline!
Riley: Jump on the trampoline!!!
(I really need to separate the girls before I ask them these questions)

Happy Happy Birthday Emma!! We LOVE you so much!!


  1. Oh very precious!How I love ALL those girls!

  2. Ohhhhh How I love all those BEAUTIFUL girls!!!!!!