Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kaylee's Birthday

So these pictures are from Kaylee's birthday... which was in August. I totally stink at blogging.
Anyways! This child is a birthday DIVA! She acted like a princess all day and made demands right and left. By noon I finally had to tell her to cool it. And for the next week and a half her excuse for everything was, "but it's my birthday!" Even Lily had to remind her that her birthday was long over. Silly child. I love her anyways though. We had a red velvet cake that was disgusting right after I baked it but magically delicious the next day. Like, I-couldn't-stop-eating-it-delicious. Weird. We also had a front yard picnic and Mallory stole the show with her cupcake eating skills.
Kaylee had a fun birthday and she adores being a big-girl-five-year-old.


  1. It totally makes sense that Kaylee is a Birthday Diva, because she is just like me and my birthday is my favorite day of the year! Yet one more reason why we are soul mates! I just love that Kaylee girl! And Mallory is so adorable eating that cupcake!

  2. FRAME those pictures of Mallory! AHHHH! Love them.

  3. Kaylee is such a little queen! Hahaha! I loves the pictures of Mallory! She is so so cute!