Monday, October 22, 2012

Outtakes (or Funny Stuff {mostly} Kaylee Has Said)

"We don't want to waste cheese. If you waste it your doomed." -Kaylee

Kaylee: "I think Daddy is driving home."
Lily: "Yeah, I think he is in Idaho Falls."
Kaylee: "No. I think he's in Mexican."

Emma: "There are so many Mexicans at my school but they all just hang out with each other... and I feel like I belong with them."

Me: "Eeew. Kaylee that was gross."
Kaylee: "Okay. I'll never spit on Lily's homework again."
Me: "Never spit on anything again period."
Lily. "Never spit on anything again exlamation!"

{while playing house}
Riley: "Honey, what kind of cookie do you want?" (How I wish you could hear her high pitched 'mother' voice)
Kaylee: (without a single breath) "Avacado-fifty-nine-chocolate-chip-cookie-flavored-dough!"

Kaylee: (frantically and without a breath) "MOM! Icantfindaredcrayon!!!" (buries her head in her hands) "Ugh. This is the worst day of my life."

{At Disneyland}
Kaylee: "Geri, I just went on SPLASH MOUNTAIN!"
Geri: "Ooooooh! Was it scary??"
Kaylee: "Scary? or AWESOME!?"      

{struggling through a major case of the hiccups}
Lily: "When we get in the house can somebody please scare me!"

{while watching Merlin}
Kaylee: "Aaaaaah, I just want to marry Arthur. But I love Merlin too. I can't decide which one to marry."                                                                          

{at the store}
cashier: "Your total comes to forty-five dollars and fifty-three cents..."
me: (digging through purse)
cashier: "Your total comes to forty-five dollars and fifty-three cents..."
me: (opening my wallet)
cashier: "Your total comes to forty-five dollars and fifty-three cents..."
me: (swiping my card) "I got it. Thanks." (smile)
cashier: "I'm just trying to annoy you."
me: (laughing) "That's nothing. I have 4 kids, you're gonna to have to try a little harder."
cashier: "Your total... Your total... Your total comes to forty-five dollars and fifty-three cents."

A little clarification, if I may. I don't want anyone to read that last snippet and think that I am annoyed with my kids or that I think kids are annoying. I think kids are the best/cutest/most-wonderful-little-things-in-all-this-world and the only thing that I really get frustrated with is when my kids fight with each other. There is nothing in this world that is more aggravating for a parent than when their children are fighting and arguing. Can I get an "Amen"!

Clearly, I am completely in love with these girls. Especially that silly little Kaylee-Girl. She doesn't even know how funny she is. Oh, she lights up my life!


  1. Oh Katie! I love your girls!!! They are so cute!!! And funny! I can hear Riley's high-pitched-mommy voice perfectly in my head and Kaylee and Lily... I just love them! I'm not surprised Emma feels like she belongs with the Mexicans. She'd probably feel more at home with them than with anyone :)

  2. you could write a book, well you are writing a blog-be sure and save a copy to share with your girls when they are!

  3. Oh my heck! I would do anything to keep my kids from fighting. Drives me nuts! And Annie inherited a love for debating. So she will argue with anyone she can snag all. day. long.