Thursday, June 6, 2013

June? What happened??

How 'bout that New Year's goal?? The blogging goal is actually the only one I haven't followed through on. I will make my excuses in a week or so. For now, here are some pictures... from April.

 The older 3 and Cousin Kenzie at a farm where we bought some California strawberries and oranges. Oh, those oranges!! I dream about them!

 This lovely girl has favored that finger since birth. I think it's adorable.

 The girl with the pirate tooth. Arg, Matey!

She paints with the colors of the wind.

The Endeavor at the California Science Museum. Educational and fun. Except for when Kaylee peed her pants and I had to let her wear my shirt as a dress. Thankfully I was wearing an undershirt.

Mason, Karter, and Lily. Karter looooves Lily and is set on marrying her. Sorry boys! She's spoken for!

 Future lovebirds.

The one and only time Mallory's had a sippy cup! I'm happy they're banned in our house, but they're fun and special at Grandma's.

 A Sleeping Beauty

Kaylee and our Eko Boy.


  1. I just love your pictures, Katie! So beautiful! And such beautiful girls too!

  2. so happy to see you back in the blogging world! beautiful girls, as always.

  3. So glad you blogged:) So Karter and I were looking at this post. It took like 5 minutes to get past 3 pictures because he was looking for Lily. Then we got down to the pictures of him and Lily. I thought his face was going to rip in half because he smiled SO BIG! It was cute. I love these pictures! Beautiful girls as always:)a

  4. Your beautiful girls! Their hair is so long and gorgeous. Can't wait to hear how everything is going with you guys.

  5. thank you for the nice comments, girls! Shalyce, I'm so glad we made Karter so happy!