Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My birthday was a good day. The girls were so happy and loving and excited all day long that it was their mommy's birthday! They were wonderful. I did not feel well yesterday and the fact that we spent 2 hours in a doctors office didn't help very much. Michael had an appointment for an allergy shot and for some unknow reason the doctor lady took over an hour to make it to his room where she promptly stuck a needle in his bum cheek and sent him on his way. Just as he was comig out I was heading in with Lily who came down with a mysterious ear ache that caused her much pain and then had all but disappeared before we made it back into our driveway. 

Almost as soon as we got home my friend Arielle came to visit and little did I know that she and my cute husband had been in collaboration with each other! She brought me a delicious lemon and blueberry cheesecake AND handed me a cute orange envelope. Inside was a card that did not have her name signed at the bottom.  Instead it had been signed by Michael and my kiddos! And out fell some adorable pictures of an adorable 2 week old boxer puppy! The very puppy that I posted a picture of just a couple of days ago! Michael told Arielle several days ago that he was going to surprise me with a puppy and wanted to buy one from their litter. He and the children went to Cal-Ranch and purchased a leash and a collar, a doggy bed that is so comfy I might start sleeping on it, and a tiny little dog toy that he'll be able to swallow in one gulp by time he's full grown. Arielle even brought the puppy to our house along with one if his brothers so that the girls could cuddle them and see how adorable they are.

I am so pleased with my birthday present and I can't wait until we get to bring him home on August 1!
Even though I didn't feel well yesterday, Michael made every effort to make my day special and happy. He folded laundry, he brought me lunch in bed, (while I was nappig with Mallory) and he even resisted the urge to heat the leftover chicken back up that he put on my sandwich. He knows that I prefer my leftovers cold. With the exception of gravy, I never microwave anything. 

Michael was extra kind and tender all day and I feel terrible that I wasn't a more pleasant birthday girl.
I love my little family so much and there is nothing I'd rather do than spend all day with them every day! I'm so grateful that my girls and my sweet husband were so happy to make my birthday so special. I LOVE YOU my little girls and my strong and handsome husband-man!

a few more pictures from the day:


  1. Oh Katie, you are such a beautiful 27 year old mommy with the most adorable children who just happen to be MY beautiful grandchildren. I'm grateful to Michael and your girls for making your day special. Congrats on the new puppy! He's so cute!