Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am going to apologize right now. I am very, very sorry that we forgot our camera and weren't able to take any pictures. I always used to carry it in my diaper bag and I cross my heart that I will from now on!
Anyway, we went to the Circus last night and it was SUPER fun! Before it started they had miniature horse rides and elephant rides. Michael took Lily to ride the horses and she was SO cute. She was a little scared at first and only looked down. Then she liked it more and she looked around and very softly said, "yee-haw". I could only see her from a distance because I stayed in the stands with Kaylee. Micahel brought her back up and she kept asking to ride the elephant. I took her down to look at it. I didn't think she would want to ride it once she saw it up close. But she asked again and again. So I took her up the steps and we rode it together. I was a little less than terrified! We were sitting right on its butt and I could feel its hips moving up and down. My heart was pounding beacuse I was sure it was going to go crazy and start leaping around and throw us all off! I was relieved when the ride was over, but Lily loved it! She wanted to go again!
Our favorite part of the show was the elephants! They were so cute! They danced and stood on stools and they balanced on their front two feet with their back feet clear up in the air! They are amazing animals. It was very impressive and tons of fun! I can't wait to go again!

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  1. hi, love your background but your white text is difficult to read...the circus sounds fun. sure have two cute girls. i had 4 boys so missed out on girlie things.