Sunday, June 22, 2008


Speaking of my sister, I need to start keeping "Geri Updates" on this blog. She just does so many funny things that I have to share them with you! Too many things have already happened for me to sit here and write them ALL. Before I start I just have to say that I love my sister with my whole heart and I am NOT doing this to embarrass her. If I thought she would be embarrassed I would never do it, but Geri is able to laugh at herself and I thought you might like to laugh with us:) Okay, here are a few of my favorites.
A couple of weeks ago Geri had to use the bathroom REALLY bad, she ran into the closest one and when she was finished she opened her stall and, to her horror, she saw a boy in front of her using the urinal! Yes, she had used the boys' restroom... There was another boy standing in there too. She threw her hands over her eyes and ran out exclaiming, "I'm in the wrong bathroom!" She didn't even stop to wash her hands, she stepped into the girls room, next door, and finished up.
A few weeks before that she was going down some stairs and instead of stepping down them she tumbled down them... in front of her whole class. Once she caught her balance, she fell again. I think Geri is the only person I know that can fall down a set of stairs twice in the same go. Oh my gosh, I love her!
And last, just a few nights ago she came over to see us. When she opened the door to our apartment she immediately noticed our brand new huge TV. Except we don't have one. So she walked into the WRONG apartment at like 11:00 o'clock at night! Luckily no one saw her and she was able to quietly sneak back out.
I don't know how Geri does the things she does but she makes us laugh! A LOT! I told her that I was planning to have an update in my blog just for her so hopefully this doesn't come as a surprise! I love you GERI!

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