Monday, February 16, 2009


Lily has been begging to go "sliding" for the last few days. We have been telling her that we had to wait until after Sunday, so today we got out their snow suits and bundled them up. It was SO much fun!! The girls loved it. In fact they loved it so much that Lily declined the chance to go potty and ended up peeing her pants. That ended our day:) But we will definitely go again soon.

And sorry, no pictures of Riley. I will put some more up tomorrow, I am waiting for my dad to get here with the cord for my mom's camera. Riley is the best ever. I am totally and completely in love with her and I can't believe she is mine! I am such a lucky mommy!

Ready to go in their snowsuits!

Our family minus Riley:( She slept in the car while we all had fun!

My mom. You really need to click on this to see the bigger picture. Her face is priceless.

Michael right after he slipped and fell on his booty!

Click on this one too! You can tell by the looks on their faces that they are loving every minute!


  1. way cute! and yes, i clicked on them. :) you look so good for just having a baby! I'll let you borrow The Counte for sure but i've already bought the first three twilight books, so far ;) you staying in idaho? when is mike coming back?

  2. That is so funny. You look so so good for just having a baby. I say it again you are so amazing.

  3. you are having too much fun...loved your mom's expression.