Friday, February 13, 2009

Riley Elizabeth

Okay, these pictures are backwards again. Oh well. Riley Elizabeth Floyd was born on February 12, 2009 at 6:13am. She weighed 7lbs 30z and was 18.5 inches long.

WOW. What a crazy experience that was. It was NOTHING like being in labor with my first two! Except that I missed out on an epidural again! I woke up at around 5 am because I was having cramps, but not the contractions that I've had with my other labors. I thought about timing them but decided to go back to sleep. Just then I had a real contraction and my water broke! Luckily the baby's head acted like a cork and only a tiny bit of water came out. I am SO glad that I didn't get water all over my bed! Anyway, after that I got regular, very painful contractions. I wanted that epidural! But I knew while we were driving to the hospital that it wasn't going to happen. I could tell that I was going to have to start pushing soon. Michael dropped me off and I told the receptionist that I needed to go straight up and I couldn't wait for anything because the baby was coming soon! After a looong wheelchair ride they got me into an exam room and gave me a gown. I am glad that Michael got in there so quick because I was having to push and he had to finish taking my clothes off! They checked me and told me that I was ready (which I knew, thanks very much:) They brought me to the labor and delivery room but told me to wait to push until the doctor got there. It was so hard! He was there in just a few minutes and Riley was out in two big pushes. They set her on my belly and I was in total shock! I could not believe that I had been asleep just over an hour ago! I was afraid I was dreaming and that I would wake up and have to do it all over again. It all happened so extremely fast, I was amazed. and grateful:)

SO. My water broke at 5:15am. We got to the hospital at about 5:50am. Riley was born at 6:13am. I feel so super lucky to have had such a fast labor. And it was NOT as painful as being in labor with Kaylee was! I would brace myself for each contraction and it would hurt really bad but when it was over I would think "Oh. That wasn't that bad..." But it was definitely bad enough to want an epidural!
I remember thinking that the only good thing about Lily being a c-section was when they gave me the shot to stop my contractions. It felt wonderful!
In the end it is always worth every little pain that being in labor brings! I have three beautiful girls and I am the luckiest girl in the world! I am so grateful for my children and the joy they bring to my life. I am so fortunate that they are healthy and happy and MINE!


  1. She is so all that hair!!!

  2. she is beautiful! and i can't believe how fast she came! good thing you live close to the hospital :) congrats and i can't wait to see more pictures of her!!

  3. Oh I am so happy for you. Congratulations on another beautiful and healthy daughter. You are going to have your hands full when they get older (just ask my mom :). Sorry you missed the epidural again. Thank goodness it didnt last too long, but you can always add up the 6 hours of laboring you had the other day :)

  4. HOLY COW!! That is so crazy I hope I have a sweet delivery like that next time. You have the most beautiful children. I love you you are so amazing!

  5. wow, you are a pink fun to have all girls and a quick delivery. congrats

  6. My baby girl has the absolute cutest baby girls of her own. Unbelieveable how fast this has all happened. I love you and I love them! I love the man in the family also. He's the best! The different faces of Lily is hilarious! MOM