Friday, February 20, 2009

More Riley Pics

Here are some more pictures from last week. The first 5 are out of order and I can NOT tell you how much I hate that the date is on the rest of the pictures. Especially since its 11/5/2049. How annoying. I keep telling my mom to get the date off her display. oh well. The date was February 12, 2009:)

Miriam, me, and Rachel

My beautiful sister and me

Me and my sexy husband with our gorgeous daughter:)

Ready to go home!

Michael filling out the paper work that we couldn't do when we came in.

On our way out of the delivery room and into our "suite". I took a shower and just about passed out right before this picture was taken. So I am looking a little pale:)

Daddy, mommy, and baby

Great-Grandpa Christensen seeing Riley for the first time.

Our new family:)

My sister Emma and Riley

Grandpa and Lily

My grandpa and Riley

Lily. She was pretending to be a lion.

Emma with Riley and Kaylee with her baby:)

Riley in her bath tub

Lily thought she needed a bath in Riley's tub too. I think I have a picture just like this from when Kaylee was born.

My girls:) I had to put two pictures up. Do you think it is possible for me to get a good pic with both of them looking at the camera? never:)

Jan sent us some pretty tulips:)

My dad holding Riley for the first time.

My newest precious baby girl

Kaylee and Riley. Kaylee loves Riley so much. She loves to hold her and thinks that she's her baby!

Lily loves Riley too. She only asks to hold her about every 5 seconds!
I can't get over how much I love my baby girl! It is amazing how you love each one of your children so incredibly much! She is only a week old but I can't imagine my life without her. She is SUCH a good baby. I've never been able to say that:) She only cries when she wants to eat and she sleeps all night unless I'm feeding her. Best of all she does NOT spit up! It seemed like my other girls spit up more than they ate about 5 times every time they ate. So this is fantastic for me!!! I love them all so much and they amaze me every day!


  1. Beautiful! She is just precious! All your girls are :)

  2. WOW Riley is so beautiful. You have the most beautiful family ever! I love you make sure to give everyone hugs and kisses for me!

  3. You guys are so stinking cute! I hope that I can meet Riley. We are coming down in March, so we will have to get together.

  4. sweet family of cute little girls. enjoy!

  5. You did one where they all looked at the camera! What a special time for you. Varge had a twinking in his eye when he talked about you and your new baby. I miss you guys and hope you are doing well. Love ya!

  6. Youre blog is awesome katie. You have some really cute kids!

  7. oh my goodness she is so beautiful! Look at all that hair! Are you guys in Rexburg? I had no idea until I saw the deleivery room and the doctor as Lofgran (that's who we had!) is your hubby in school or what are you guys up to in idaho?

  8. She is so beautiful! How exciting for your family! It was fun to find your blog! I grew up in the same ward as chris and devrey. How do you guys know them? Small world huh!