Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Fun!

It is ridiculous how out of order these pictures are. I do apologize:) Last week my Uncle Michael was here at my grandpa's with his family. They went home the day that we went to Independence. Then my Uncle Clark came with his family. It was sad that we couldn't ALL be together at the same time but it was so much fun to see everyone and to just hang out! I truly love being with my family. I think my Aunts and Uncles are the best and I love love LOVE my cousins. They are all so cute and fun to be with! I missed the ones that weren't here:(

I think this is my favorite picture. It totally illustrates our whole family. We love to just sit and sing. My Uncle Michael is great at the guitar and an amazing singer. We did a pretty sweet version of I Heard Him Come. It was so fun:) Click here to see my Uncle perform at Stake Conference:  Michael Christensen singing

me and Michael boxing. I totally kicked his booty.

Both of my silly brothers

Zach on the Rock

My cousins, Taft and Nolan just outside of a mine shaft that they climbed through.

My mom and her brother. 

Me and MY brother:)

Lily, Zach and Raquel

This is inside of a mine that we like to go visit. It is really cool! We walk in about a half mile, maybe a little more and there is a big opening. There is a mine shaft that you can climb out of onto the top of the mountain. My brothers and sister and my cousins all did it. Growing up I was always too afraid to try (there are warning signs telling you not to because the ladders could collapse, Hello!). And now I can't because have have babies to take care of. So I can't die. 
Anyway, The opening to the mine is so big that you can drive a car through it, a big car. Like my parents' Excursion for example:) When I was in high school our family and the our friends the Whitneys drove in and camped. It was a fun ONE time experience. I won't ever do it again! It is the darkest dark you can ever imagine when all the lights are off. But thats not why I wouldn't do it again. It is crazy dusty in there! You come out filthy dirty!!!

Geri headed up the shaft. Crazy girl!

Okay and here we are back at the Science Museum. It was tons of fun!!! I thought climbing the rock wall would be totally easy but its a lot harder than it looks!

We went to watch an Under the Sea movie at the Omni theater. It was fun:)

This is the only pic I am posting of our push-up contest on the kitchen floor. But we had a lot of participants. Michael, Zach, my cousin Tyler, my Uncle Michael, my dad, my grandpa, my mom, Andrew, me (with ONE whole push-up) am I forgetting anyone??? Oh. and Lily and Kaylee. It was so funny!

I am so totally freaked out in this pic. I have recently developed a fear of heights. I have no idea where it came from. 

I forgot to take a picture of how high up in the air we were. It was so freaky!

Zach and my pretty little sister, Emma! We made her climb the rock!

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