Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its as bad as it sounds. We had Borscht for dinner. And the family was not impressed. I told the girls we were having "Pink Soup" for dinner. Bad Mommy. Lily had a sip and turned her nose right up. With Kaylee's first bite she happily exclaimed, "THIS IS THE BEST SOUP EVER!!!" I was really happy.... until she took another bite, pushed her bowl away and said, "I don't like it anymore"
Besides me, Riley was the only person to take more than a few bites; even Michael couldn't stomach more than two spoonfuls. I was a big girl and ate my whole bowl. My stomach still hurts.

I dont know what possessed me to make Borscht. I do think there may be some good recipes out there, but mine. was. not. Although it was disgusting, it sure was pretty to look at:)

These pictures are NOT doing it justice. It looks red here but I swear the color was a lovely deep magenta.

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  1. KATIE! This is actually one of my next posts- I made Borscht a few weeks ago! It was a recipe I've had from a Russian man I met oh 5 years ago? and I've never made it- but meant to, and tried the soup he made with this recipe- super yum. All three of us ate it- Phil was scared of the color, but besides that, YUM!