Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Texas Randomness

These pictures are in reverse order. I don't like when that happens

We celebrated Eddie's birthday. He is 39.

 The kids got to blow out their own candles:)

 I heard the girls singing into this fan. I knew I had to bring my camera with me when I went in to look at them. I LOVE that their arms are around each other!

 Did you know that Texas has their own Christmas books? I'm pretty sure they have their own Santa too...

 Massage train

  Kaylee, Lily, Riley, Caleb, Braden

 This is Cavin; he is going to be our cousin someday. He goes to Walmart like this. We think he is awesome;)

Christmas lights at the park!

Cute Caleb and Cute Braden

Erica. Isn't she adorable?

Michael. Playing with a Ken doll.

Rhett and Caleb

Check that beard out.

Thats my man!

I thought the girls were cute watching their movie on the bed.

Look at the face in the middle!! How I love her!


  1. ugghhh! I wasn't home sick until now! Thanks a lot!!! I love your girls sooo much! They couldn't be more adorable and funny!

  2. looks like a lovely holiday with family in Texas...cute photos