Saturday, December 11, 2010

O (pathetic) Christmas Tree

Our tree was so sadly undecorated that even the girls thought it was lame. They decided to spruce it up and they are VERY proud of their work.

Don't worry, we are not the worst parents ever. We're going to decorate the tree for Family Home Evening on Monday. and I mean for real decorate it. no more ripped up toilet paper rolls.


  1. will be waiting for the after photos. We bought our first artificial tree and it looks it-only 4 ft high but decorations help a great deal!

  2. Oh Katie I was thinking about you today and I thought maybe I should check out her blog. Well I have to tell you I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Your pictures are amazing you are so talented and I just love all your BW assignments. You look so great and your girls are beautiful. I miss playing soccer with Michael. I wish I could come visit you. I miss just longboarding over to your house or driving the Flave.