Tuesday, June 21, 2011

as promised...

some happy news!


are you surprised??

I was!! even after three girls. and  I. am. THRILLED! I was hoping for another girl; the Floyd sisters are going to be the best best BEST friends!

(and don't feel sorry for my husband; he loves every bit of having all girls!)

meet Baby Girl Floyd #4


  1. OH my goodness! Your due date is November 3rd? That was my original one! I'm hoping next week we find out they were wrong (just like the ultrasound was off with Caleb)- but for now its the 14th! Fun! It will be fun to see when we end up having them- mine will be a c-section so I might know a little sooner, but still it's so exciting that we're so close in pregnancy! YAAAAAy for another girl! So happy for you 5! :)

  2. Oh wow katie! i am so happy for you! so fun!

  3. That is so exciting! Congratulations you guys! I mean girls! :)

  4. Crazy! I am surprised! Good thing you have such a fantastic track record. :)