Friday, June 17, 2011

Rest in Peace Leggy and Nikka

Michael went out to take care of our beloved chickens today only to find that one of them was headless and another was completely gone. I'm so sad.  Our poor girls don't even know because I'm too chicken (ha!) to tell them alone.
Leggy, you were kind and beautiful.

Nikka, you were terribly mean and quite ugly and your original name {Hussy} fit you much better. But we still liked you.

Our chickens were so nice to each other. Nikka was feisty but they didn't have a pecking order like chickens normally do. Maybe they just weren't old enough... Now poor Eighty is all alone. Perhaps we'll get some chicks next year to keep her company. Or a rooster. JUST kidding.

ps. Michael and I had NOTHING to do with the naming of our chickens. The girls even came up with Hussy on their own. Don't even know where that came form.

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