Monday, July 1, 2013

Swim Day

We love days when the father of our family is off work because we get to hang out together, all of us Floyd people and some days we do extra fun things. Today's extra-fun-thing was Rexburg Rapids! It costs a lot of money for a family of our size to go so we only go a few times a summer. Plus it gets super busy and getting run over by endless "blue things" in the lazy river is kind of annoying. Also, I love Rexburg Rapids because the water is not freezing, but then I think that maybe the reason the water is so warm may not be because it's heated and I start to worry a little before I decide to think about something else as Mallory dips her face in the water, repeatedly gulping down and spitting out the nice temperatured water. Here are some pictures:

I like how the lady behind them looks increasingly concerned as to why I keep taking photos of her. I think Michael is wondering the same thing in this last photo.
Here is Mallory after she'd had enough. She just cried and cried.
and here is what she looks like at this very moment in time.

I loved today. I love doing things that make my kids happy. They are little fishy girls and love being in the water. It's so fun to watch them play. Michael is still at the park with Riley and Lily. Poor Kaylee didn't get pictured. Here is a picture of Kaylee:


  1. Did you buy a house?! I like the floors! What a creative idea to not have them square like most homes.

  2. yes! They are only diagonal in the office. I will do a "house update" soon:)

  3. WHERE is Rexburg Rapids???! Looks fun!