Thursday, October 27, 2016

About a Baby

Three months. How is it that three months can seem like so small an amount of time, yet somehow like a lifetime? This little baby was so familiar to me from the moment she was born. It was like I'd known her all my life and longer and I'd just been waiting to meet her again. At the same time, the memories of finding out we were expecting her, waiting for her to make her entrance, and physically bringing her into the world are still so new and fresh; I'm still completely enchanted by her presence, her chubby baby body, her coos, her sweet little gummy smiles, her hiccups, the way she clasps her hands together right in front of her face and just stares at them. These things never get old; they're all so new and precious, innocent, wonderful, and pure. It's as if she's been here for always, yet she's astonishingly new.

Somewhere deep inside of my soul I know that the connection I feel is eternal. I know her because I knew her.  I do not doubt that we existed together before our earthly life. With all my heart I believe that, in spirit form, she has been close to me my entire life and that is the reason she is so familiar to me. I know her because my spirit recognizes hers. She is a part of me and has been all along.

This precious girl is three months old. That means that one year ago she was just beginning her earthly existence. ONE YEAR ago this happy, chubby, sweet, smiling, beautiful child was no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. ONE YEAR ago she was without her hands, her mind, even her heart beat. She was nothing and yet she was already everything. All she'd ever need to grow into a baby, a little girl, a woman, a mother... was all there.

It seems like such a miraculous transformation should not be physically possible, yet with God, all things are possible. She came to me from His presence, as all babies do. Nothing so magnificent and wonderful and lovely could have come from anything or anyone but a God in Heaven. I think that the reason we are so enamored with these tiny beings is because they come to Earth with His love and leftover bits of heaven; they are divine creatures and their heavenly spirits can't be contained by their tiny little bodies; the feeling of heaven radiates around them.

What a lovely, perfect, most wonderful and blessed gift from God. May we never take such a miracle for granted. May we remember our own divine natures and honor God by showing appreciation for the beings He has entrusted the world with. May we ever nurture them, love them, and stand to shield and protect them from any harm that may come their way. We knew them before any of us ever came to this earth, they have been waiting to join us, may we welcome them with open hearts and arms, love them, and show them how wonderful this place can be.

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  1. what a sweet tribute to your little girl and to Heavenly Father's plan for us all.