Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mosquitos and termite mounds

Today we continued our study of arthropods (we are using the Jenny Phillips science curriculum). I set up one station each for mosquitos, fireflies, termites, and silk worms. We hate learning about mosquitos (we watched several youtube videos on them a few months ago) because it makes us all squeamish and the termite video was a little difficult to watch, only because of the scene where the dreadful things are ambushed my a colony of ants (we're a bunch of girly girls). Despite the terror of the unfortunate scene, learning about termites was fascinating! Did you know that the queens can live for 15-25 years, mate for life, and get absolutely morbidly HUGE?! Here is an entertaining article about Her Majesty the Termite Queen.

Learning about fireflies was fun and made us very excited to see some next summer at our family reunion back east! We also enjoyed learning about silkworms but we were sad to learn that the moths are killed in the process of silk-making.

Here are the girls and their termite mounds crafted out of clay. Today was the best kind of homeschool day.

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