Friday, October 21, 2016

We Went on a DATE!

Today Lily and Kaylee collaborated and came up with the idea to send Michael and I on a date... in our very own kitchen/living room!

Lily took me to her room, did my make-up and picked out a dress and shoes for me to wear. Kaylee styled Michael's hair (it took her longer to get him ready than it took Lily to get me ready!) and picked out a tie that went well with my dress. Then they had me make peanut butter/honey/banana sandwiches and cut them into heart shapes.

When I finished the sandwiches, they finally let us see each other. They sat us at the table and served us water and sandwiches by candlelight. They played country music (Michael's favorite!) and took a few photos then switched the music to some beautiful classical piano and led us to the dance floor (living room). We danced for a few minutes and I was amazed at the look of pure happiness on their faces as they watched us. After that, they led us to the recliner chair which they had placed in front of the TV. They had Singing in the Rain all ready to play for us!

This was an eye-opening experience for me. Michael and I get along well with the occasional squabble. We love each other deeply but I suppose the girls don't often see our concern for one another. When we're together we're busy getting from here to there, doing chores, caring for the kids, working on a project, etc. and the children don't get to see us just being together and enjoying one another's company. We're only able to be quiet together when the kids are away from us or in their beds sleeping.

Today our kids got to witness us just being together and I got to witness how important it is to them to see us loving each other; it means so much more to them than I think any of us can understand. It gave me the determination to never argue in front of them and to make sure that they consistently see Michael and I actively loving and serving one another so that they know without any kind of doubt that their parents care for one another. They need to feel the strength in our relationship because it gives them strength. In our love for one another, they are secure.

"Look at the camera!"

"Now look at each other!"

"Now kiss!"

Happily, kids. Happily.


  1. Ah...blessed children know what is important in life!

  2. That is sooo sweet! And what a good point about making sure your kids see you two together just to enjoy being around each other! What little romantics they are!