Saturday, October 22, 2016

Family Journal- Week 1

We sold our house in Idaho and last Thursday, Michael took Lily and Kaylee with him to get our belongings in Idaho. It was strange not to have my big girls around! They are homeschooled so I'm used to having them with me all day. Mallory and Riley go to school so for 4 days I spent several hours with only Matthew and Ella. It was quiet, Matthew was lonely, and I think we were more than ready for them to be home by day two. We kept busy by doing things like playing with blocks and puzzles, reading books, and going to the park, but it wasn't enough to fill the void. They came home on Tuesday and we were sooooo happy!

They came home with a brand new trailer (Michael is so happy to finally have a trailer of his own!) and a TON of stuff. I was elated to find all the journals that I've kept for each of the kids since they were babies; I shed some serious tears reading over some of those entries and I'm so excited to pick up where I left off in each of them. I feel bad that there is a 2 year lapse in them but hopefully I can make up for it.

Along with the journals, they brought so much STUFF. It's crowding our living room and it seems like our amount of laundry has been tripled. I am feeling overwhelmed with all there is to clean, sort, out away, and give away. I'm trying to remember that it takes one step at a time to accomplish these sorts of things and that I WILL get it all sorted out if I just keep going.

Wednesday was full of driving, shopping, and a doctor appointment. Ella had her 2 month check up (though she's nearly 3 months old) and she's a healthy, happy, normal baby. I can't ask for anything more than that! After her appointment we shopped for much needed new clothes; we have a hard time finding jeans that fit these girls properly. What a treat for them! We VERY rarely go clothes shopping so they were extremely excited to be allowed to pick out a few new items of clothing.

After the clothes shopping we went to the grocery store and were delighted to find out that the small store we usually shop at had been transformed into a big, beautiful, normal sized store! A big deal when you live in an area like this! I think I'll actually find myself looking forward to my Smart and Final trips, especially now that the carry Tillamook ice cream!

Thursday was a special day because it was the first day of garbage pick up for the Floyd Family. Haha. We've been loading garbage and hauling it to the dump for 2 years! I don't mind the hauling part but the dump is only open for a few hours 2 days a week and if you forget or can't go for some reason (which happens often!) you're out of luck and the trash piles up beside the house. Gross. I was soooooo happy to drag that can out to the street that morning. Ironically, Michael still had to make a dump run because of all the boxes and garbage that his trip to Idaho created.

Friday! Fridays are the best. Matthew and I started the day with a walk to collect a pretty bouquet for grandma. He had told her the day before that he didn't like her and hadn't been a very nice boy so he needed to do apologize and do something kind for her.

Kaylee and Lily sent Michael and I on a date and that was a lot of fun. A little while later we went to grandma's to deliver the bouquet and we jumped on the tramp and played for a while. I love playing with my kids. I get so caught up in all of my housework, paperwork, and adult responsibilities that I forget to play. I'm so thankful that they remind me to by asking and sometimes insisting that I just play with them. When we got home we made some halloween treats for friends in town. We finished them too late and didn't get to deliver them last night, which was a MAJOR disappointment to some of the girls, but it gave us something to look forward to tonight;)

It was a good week. Nothing out of the ordinary or terribly exciting but just as happy as I could ever hope for. We started a weekly video journal (or vlog or whatever you want to call it) if you'd like to check it out. I reeeeeally want to keep doing it week after week so wish me luck and go subscribe to our channel if you'd like to!

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