Saturday, July 20, 2013

black and white (film, of course!)

I wasn't going to blog today but my house is hot and my feet are hotter so I decided to throw my body on my bed and prop my feet in front of the fan. They feel glorious. I may as well have a/c!

My sweet friend Lizzy asked me to take a few pictures of her family in front of the temple. Here are my favorites:

and when I was done with that mini session I decided to use up a good portion of my roll photographing my cute kids.

I use an old minolta and I love it. I really love it. But I really struggle with the focus on it. As out of focus as this photo is, I adore it. This, right here, is the reason I breathe. Look at those faces. I was meant to be their mother and I am grateful every minute of every day.

 my whole entire world.

 Lily is such a model-girl.

 I love that scruffy face.

 Some perfect princess curtsies.

And a perfect princess face.


  1. Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore these pictures! You have got to print them and hang them in your home!

  2. I agree with Geri! These pictures need to be printed they are so cute! I love that you still use film. Some of my favorite pictures from my wedding are some of the ones you took with film. You are so talented Katie!