Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

How I love this wonderful country we live in. I am grateful for the freedoms I possess and I love celebrating this Land that I Love!
 ("Um.. Mom?? Can you help me?)

We didn't have a normal 4th of July because Michael wasn't able to be with us due to work and a rude nursing manager who wouldn't let him trade. Boo. We were still able to make it a fun day. We attended the 4th of July parade here in town with my brother Zach and his fiance Rachel. We adore Zach and Rachel. They are so much fun to be with. The parade was so much fun! The girls got lots of candy and other goodies. Every time a piece of candy came flying our way we sent Mallory to get it. Each time she would run gleefully to the tiny morsel, pick it up, and victoriously throw both her hands in the air with a "yayyy!" Why, oh why didn't I get that on video?? Also, she insisted on shoving each piece of candy into her mouth, wrapper and all. She got angry with me every time I tried to help her remove one. She made a huge slobbery mess, but those wrappers were tasty!

 My personal favorite part of the parade (and any parade). Bagpipes!  Here is the Madison Fire Department Bagpipe Brigade

After the parade we took a long walk to Porter Park (Lily and Kaylee got to ride on Rachel and Zach's bikes!) and then said goodbye to Zach and Rachel. We had really been looking forward to the fun booths, jump houses, and yummy food. We were disappointed, however, because there was not very much food, half the normal number of boutiques, and NO JUMP HOUSES! What on Earth??!

 The girls did ride the mechanical bull and they thought that was a lot of fun. Actually, right before Kaylee fell off the bull a dumb lady appeared out of nowhere and laughed and then Kaylee decided it wasn't fun at all. If you know my sweet Kaylee, you know that she is very sensitive and does not do well when people laugh at her... or around her. She is very self-conscious and does not like to be paid attention to. I was impressed that she even wanted to get on the bull. I wanted to pull that lady's hair. You don't have to laugh at everything. 
After Kaylee fell off the bull she cried and was upset with me because she "actually didn't want to ride". Yes, she did. And I'm glad she did. She really does need to get over her sensitivity, but what can I say? It's in her blood. She comes from a line of sensitive women. 

After the park we headed home. We had a lovely walk with a girl from our ward and her sweet sister-in-law. They did an awesome job at keeping my girls entertained and keeping their minds off their achy feet. When we got home we filled up the kiddie pool and climbed right in. It was soooooo lovely and refreshing. 

 Then Mallory and I had a nap. We ate some cute and delicious cucumber tea sandwiches. We went to the rodeo. I think I'm done with rodeos. They aren't very animal friendly and some of the events are plain foolish. I do like watching the barrel riding though!

After the rodeo we enjoyed the town firework show and I enjoyed a little glow-stick dance number put on by all four of my precious girls. It was the best part of my day.

Because the girls had rubbed dirt all over their bodies and poured it in each others hair, a group shower was in order. We bathed the rest of the bathroom while we were at it. Mallory screamed bloody murder the entire time. After that barrel-of-fun was over-with we said hello again to Zach and Rachel and Friend Chris and we all walked down the street and had our own firework show. Rachel danced with the girls and spun them around and around in circles. The girls are so excited to have her as an auntie and I am so excited to have her as a sister!

 After our personal firework show we went home and I tucked my littles into their beds.

I know, I know they are on the bare mattress and that's gross. But not really since the mattresses are brand new. I'm waiting just a little longer to get proper mattress covers and sheets on their beds.

Here they are approximately 1 minute and 37 seconds after I tucked them in all nice and cozy.

I had such a great day with my girls.

I hope your 4th of July celebration was just as much fun!

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